Agnisakshi 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika gets doubtful on Sundari


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The Episode starts with Juhi asking Jeevika if her work is not done. Jeevika says just the slab work is remaining. Juhi says how can anyone make you do so much work, if you are Aladin’s lamp that you do so much work. She lights the candle and throws it on Jeevika’s pallu as she goes. Aadhya sees her pallu burning and shouts Vahini. Satvik comes there and dips her pallu in the water to set it off. He asks how did this happen? Jeevika says she doesn’t know. Utkarsh looks on. Sundari comes to Juhi and takes her to her room. She asks what is she doing? Juhi says she don’t want her interference. Sundari says she is saving her from getting arrested, and says Satvik loves her very much. Juhi says I have to handle this laila. Satvik tells Jeevika that he can’t keep away his sight from her. Jeevika says it was not my mistake. Satvik says you always say this and do big things always. Jeevika kisses on his cheeks and says there was no way to make you quiet. Satvik gets happy and says you have woken up a tiger and says nobody can stop him now. Jeevika gets ready for puja. Satvik holds her and gets mesmerized by her beauty. Jeevika tries to go and Satvik kisses on her hand. Swara comes there. Jeevika smiles.

Narayan and Lata are happy for Jeevika and Satvik. Lata says you are happy as if your grand son is born. She says your wish will be fulfilled soon. Juhi comes there wearing her usual clothes. Lata asks her to go and wear navari saree. Juhi asks if you will wear bikini. Lata says I will, but there is no beach here. Jeevika and Satvik come there. Jeevika gifts her navari saree. Lata says she don’t want to look behenji and can’t wear it. Lata asks her to wear it. Jeevika insists her wear it and says please wear it for the photos. Juhi goes.

Lata tells Jeevika that Bhao ji got this coins made for the guests and asks her to give when she asks her. Jeevika says ok and goes. Juhi looks at her. Swara confronts Shlok for hiding from her that he knows that he was chatting with her. She says when she came to know then she didn’t feel good. She scolds him for teasing her and asks if she has any answer.

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Jeevika and others do the puja. The ladies tell that they will teach Jeevika, how to make her husband do all the work. Jeevika says then I don’t have to take this class. Lata praises Jeevika and tells the ladies that they shall learn from Jeevika. Juhi excuses herself. Lata teases jeevika taking Satvik’s name. Jeevika goes. Sundari thinks first Juhi went and then Jeevika. Juhi goes to jeevika’s room and steals the gold coins from her locker. She says it will be fun now.

Shlok asks Swara to hear her. Swara says I don’t want to hear anything, not today, not tomorrow or never. Shlok says I can’t say poetry to convince you. Juhi drops the coins bag and picks it. Swara sees her, but doesn’t see her face. Juhi hears them and thinks she will handle her, after Jeevika. Satvik tells Utkarsh that Jeevika runs whenever he tries to talk to her. He gets a call. Jeevika comes there. Satvik says he has found about the treatment which will make Dada fine. He goes to book the tickets. Jeevika asks Utkarsh why he is worried and says you told me half truth, I will not let anything happen to you, I have tied rakhi to you and asks him to trust her and tell her everything. Utkarsh is about to tell her, but gets tensed seeing Sundari going from there. Jeevika thinks why Dada is silent seeing Sundari. She recalls Sundari’s words that his mental condition was bad since he met her. She wonders what is the matter?

Precap: Rajnandini comes and keeps hand on Jeevika’s eyes. Jeevika hugs her and says how are you? Rajnandini says how you remember me, I thought you have lost your memory.