Agnisakshi 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika teaches a lesson to Juhi


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The Episode starts with Juhi and Sundari finding the parcel. Juhi says the parcel is open. They see all the clothes cut. Sundari thinks it is fashion. Juhi gets angry and says it is cut. She gets angry and comes out, accusing Aadhya of cutting her dress. Aadhya says I didn’t do it. Jeevika says Aadhya didn’t do it. Juhi says the thief never accepts that he has stolen the money. Jeevika asks didn’t you hear what I said, and says Aadhya didn’t cut the clothes, but I have cut it. Juhi asks why did you show your designing on my clothes. Narayan reminds Juhi that Jeevika has a memory loss and says he will talk to her. Jeevika says I did it intentionally, whatever Juhi has done with Aadhya, I have done the same thing with Juhi. Shlok asks what did Juhi do? Swara tells him that Juhi had torn Aadhya’s dress. Juhi says that doesn’t mean that Jeevika do this. Shlok asks Juhi to get herself treated. Narayan tells that they shall talk to Rajnandini, and says it is difficult to handle Juhi. Satvik says if Bhabhi is busy then I will go to Bangalore to talk to her. Narayan says she is coming this week only.

Juhi is angry on Jeevika. Sundari suggests her to mix the ginger with tea and drinks. Juhi says she will bring sadness on Jeevika’s face. Satvik comes to room and asks what is your problem? Jeevika says I am feeling bad for what I did and says since Vahini went, it was difficult to handle Juhi. Satvik says you remind me of my Mummy, and says she used to fight for others, and used to cry many times seeing emotional scene like you. He says whatever you did is right. Jeevika thinks there are so many problems in my life, that I am worried that I might be shattered. She says how to balance in life, as sometimes I have to be bad.

Satvik asks if you enquired about Jeevika’s accident. Shlok tells Satvik that nobody saw anyone pushing Bhabhi and tells that the witness had only heard her scream. Satvik asks what about CCTV footage. Shlok says there is one CCTV which focuses on the temple. Satvik says I asked Jeevika and she didn’t know about the attacker. The Servant comes there and tells that someone came for interview. Satvik asks if someone from media came. Shlok says he has called the candidate home. The candidate comes there and tells that she is Ritu. Satvik gives her 7 mins and 17 seconds. She comes near Satvik and says she wants such boss only.

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Lata Mausi comes to Narayan and tells that they shall get puja done for Jeevika. He says we will do it after Rajnandini comes. Lata asks if Rajnandini is pandit, and tells that until she comes, I will leave and the shravan month will be over and this puja needs be done in this month. Narayan says ok.

Ritu tells that she wants handsome boss like him and calls him Sattu. Jeevika comes there and says she is his wife and he is her husband. Satvik asks Ritu to leave, before his wife gets angry. Ritu says she didn’t know that he is married. She goes. Satvik says he likes the name Sattu.

Shlok comes out of the house and sees Swara sitting. They argue. Shlok says you argue and that’s why I don’t talk to you directly but chat with you on APP. Swara gets uncomfortable and goes.

Jeevika asks if that girl came to get job or flirt with you. Satvik tells Jeevika that Supriya was your friend. Jeevika says she was your girl friend. She says if anyone does gullu gullu with my husband then I will not leave that girl. Satvik asks her to do Gullu Gullu with him. Jeevika recalls Sukanya’s words, gets sad and goes from there. Satvik smiles. Lata mausi talks to someone and tells about the puja. Narayan comes there and says he wants all women and kids to get gifts, whoever attend the puja. Lata says it was not needed. Narayan says he wants the puja to be memorable. Lata says you are right.

Jeevika talks to Bappa and says the truth about me, which I have hidden from Satvik, is bothering me from inside. She says she don’t want to tie Satvik and asks him to show the way to her.

Precap: Satvik comes to Jeevika and says OMG. Jeevika asks what happened? Satvik pulls her and says I have gone mad, don’t know what happened to me. Jeevika is about to go, and sees Swara standing. Satvik kisses on Jeevika’s hand.