Agnisakshi 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik asks Jeevika to change her decision


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The Episode starts with Satvik and Jeevika are in the car. A guy comes there and sells flower. Satvik gives him 500 Rs. The guy asks for 10 Rs. Satvik asks him to keep the money. The guy gives another flower to Satvik and says it is for Madam, may be it bring smile on her face. Satvik gives the flower to Jeevika and says today your eyes are wet, and says it is my mistake that I made you cry a lot, and says may be your next husband don’t do this. Jeevika says whatever you have given me, no husband can give, and says husband like you is not in everyone’s destiny. Satvik says wife like you is not in everyone’s destiny. They get emotional and leave. Pradeep comes home. Pallavi asks him to give the bag. Pradeep is upset with her. Sukanya comes there and says whatever we did is for Jeevika’s happiness. Pradeep asks do you know what she is going to do, and what is happening in her life. Sukanya asks what she is going to do? Pradeep says I will not let her give her life, and says I will not let her feel any pain. Sukanya gets worried. Satvik and Jeevika are having an icecream. Satvik says your nose is two steps ahead of you, to have icecrream. He wipes icecream from her nose.

Juhi asks Rajnandini, why we can’t go to court to see their separation. Rajnandini says she don’t want anything to go wrong and says I am worried that Satvik might convince her and she might tell her truth. She says Satvik can change Judge’s statement showing his Aashiqui and until then I can’t take breath. Jeevika says you are not Mr. Perfect and does childish acts too. Satvik recalls turning his face when his shirt button was open. She says she don’t do such things which makes her hide her face. Satvik reminds her Zara sa jhoom lun moment. He says there are so many moments. Jeevika says don’t know when the 6 months have passed. She says we had come here for 10 mins, and don’t know when 2 hours 10 mins have passed and asks him to say, and says we didn’t come here to live our life. Satvik asks her not to go and says I am going to court to respect your feelings and says lets end it here. He says I am not hero and I am very scared from within. He says I thought that you will understand, but it seems like you have decided to break my heart. He says when you are not at home, everyone waits for you, and says they all will be shattered when they come to know that you left me for forever. Satvik says I agree for all my mistakes from the start. He says everything will be fine, and we will make everything fine and says you made me love, and learnt to risk my life for you. He says how can you go away from me, whom you love so much. He says now we shall not do any delay, and shall go to court late, then the court will be closed. He says I have seen my whole life with you, and will grow old with you. He asks if you are happy for the life ahead. Jeevika thinks why I am confusing my life due to my stubbornness and is about to say yes, when Satvik asks her to say for their half dozen children. Jeevika says no and says we are getting late for court.

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Rajnandini says Satvik is not picking my call. Juhi asks if she thought about Satvik’s remarriage. Rajnandini tells that I had chosen Jeevika so that she helps me, but she had become my opponent, and says I will not let any girl or Jeevika to come in Satvik’s life. They reach the court. Lawyer comes out and says he will call them infront of judge, all paper work is done. Jeevika cries. Satvik looks at her. Jeevika asks why you are looking at me. Satvik says I am looking at you for last time, and asks if they will be friends after divorce and asks her not to refuse, as he can’t lose both reasons. Jeevika says you shall not question me about the reason or my decision. Satvik says I will not ask you. He says Dhruv tara is in one direction and don’t roam in the sky, and says the ships losing the way, reaches home seeing it. He says don’t blame me if I stop living my life. Jeevika says I didn’t want to break your heart. Satvik asks why you break then? He asks her to think again, and says it is the matter of our lives. Jeevika says she has taken decision for our lives, not for one day but for all life. She asks Satvik to come and asks him not to increase troubles for her.

Precap: The judge grants divorce to Satvik and Jeevika. They get teary eyes. Satvik asks Jeevika to tell the reason of their separation and asks her not to lie.