Agnisakshi 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika’s changed behavior surprises the family


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The Episode starts with Jeevika telling Satvik that it is enough. Satvik says during college days…I was…Jeevika says you are married now, such things don’t suit you now. He says Shobha, Pushpa was in the college. He says if Pushpa comes to office often then it will be fun. Jeevika says just as I went for days, you have changed. She says you shall remember only one name, that’s my name whose name was with you on our wedding card. She says I will come to the office today with you. Satvik says Pushpa has 5 years old daughter. Jeevika frees her hand and goes. Swara calls her and tells that she had worn the saree designed by her. Jeevika asks what saree and college? Swara says sorry, I had forgotten and asks if I can come and meet you. Jeevika asks her to come. She says I am sorry Swara, I can’t tell you anything. Juhi comes to the kitchen, looking in the dishes. Jeevika comes there. Juhi taunts Jeevika and asks her to make coffee for her. Aadhya and Shlok ask her to make coffee for herself. Aadhya says she is upset on Vahini for agree to her sayings. Jeevika asks Juhi to make coffee for herself and drinks it. Shlok says it will be good if Juhi makes coffee for everyone. Aadhya asks Juhi to make pakodas also. She says vahini has pulled the ground from under Juhi’s foot. Jeevika asks Juhi to light the gas first.

She recalls Maayi’s words that she will take her home, but think that old Jeevika is dead now, and asks her to become new jeevika and has to become good for good and bad for bad, and says you have to win this dharm yudh at any cost, for the family’s betterment. Jeevika thinks I will not let anyone harm this family or take advantage of Satvik and my goodness.

Narayan tells Utkarsh that everyone used to say that you will not come, but you have come. And then Jeevika…and gets emotional. He says it is a miracle that we found Jeevika too, but she has lost her memory. He says I will not forget whatever she has done for me and our family, I remember everything. Jeevika hears him. Narayan says God shall make her regain her memory, even if he takes my breath. Utkarsh feels bad and signs Jeevika. Satvik comes to the room and ends the call seeing Jeevika sad. He asks if everything is fine. Jeevika says nothing is fine, and tells that she is feeling guilty for lying with the family, and hiding from them. She says I am betraying everything and playing with their emotions. She recalls Sukanya’s words and says if my loved ones started hating me, after knowing my truth. Satvik says if they hate you then they don’t really love you. He says acceptance of the flaws is also love. Jeevika thinks that she wants to tell him something and says during my fake pregnancy, that day Aai told me that…..Satvik gets a call and goes to attend it. Jeevika thinks she had gathered courage with much difficulty. Swara comes home and calls Jeevika. Shlok scares her and she falls in his embrace. She gets up and asks if you don’t have mind, and says if I had got heart attack then. Shlok says people will get scared seeing you without make up. Then he talks about his love. Swara says you don’t know if she is sweet and then also you called her sweeto. Shlok asks how did you know about this? Swara says if he came to know that I was the one chatting with him. He says lets have vada pav.

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Narayan is in his room and gets headache. Jeevika comes there and holds him. He says it is my medicine time, so I was going to take it. Jeevika gives him medicine. Satvik asks what happened to Baba. Jeevika says he was feeling like fainting so I gave him medicine. Satvik asks baba, how you will go to watch world cup next year. Narayan tells that he is fine when Jeevika is with him. He asks jeevika how did you know about my medicine.

Jeevika says Baba. Satvik says I had told her, and says Doctor asked me to give such tasks to Jeevika. Narayan says Jeevika can’t forget her loved ones. He goes. Satvik says it is his duty to protect her. Jeevika pats on his hand and goes. Satvik says my wife is getting violent, I need protection from her.

Jeevika sees Aadhya crying. Swara asks what happened? Aadhya says Juhi has done this, and says she asked me to give this dress to go for party, when I refused, so she did this. Jeevika shouts Juhi and asks if you have done this. Juhi says who can do this modern art than me. She says she refused to give me the dress so she got what she deserved. She goes. Jeevika gets angry and recalls Maayi’s words that she has to do Saam daam dand bhed and win this dharm yudh.

Precap: Jeevika sees the girl flirting with Satvik and says she is his wife and he is her husband. She says she will not spare the girl who does golu golu with her husband. Satvik smiles and asks what golu golu?