Agnisakshi 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik confesses his love for Jeevika to Rajnandini

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The Episode starts with Jeevika telling Rajnandini that the mastermind is one. Rajnandini asks her to sign on the cheque and says she has filled all the details. Jeevika refuses to sign. Rajnandini asks why? Jeevika says this amount is big and secondly it is not for current projects, so I will consider about signing the cheque only after verifying its need. Rajnandini says you have learnt many English words and says when you have to verify, then you can trust me, I will not do fraud like Mr. Rao. Jeevika says it is not about trust, but rules made by Papa, I can’t bend it. She says if it is important for you, then I will consider it on top priority. Rajnandini gets irked and angry, thanks her for her consideration and goes. Lata hears them. Satvik tells Shlok and Manas that lizard interfered in his love story. Shlok and Manas laugh. Shlok jokes. Manas tells that he will help him and asks him to plan to take Jeevika out. He says if I didn’t play then what? I will make you play. Satvik says you are mad.

Lata tells Rajnandini that she had learnt that the hunter gets hunted too. Rajnandini looks at her angrily. Lata says she got films role in her young days, and tells that she will not get scared of her. She tells that you have brought Jeevika thinking she can easily manipulate and control her, but Rajnandini’s rule is slipping from her hands.

Satvik takes Jeevika out to have pani puri. She says she likes it. Satvik says I saw you having it in our wedding. Manas is connected to him via blue tooth. He asks him to do as he says. Satvik says deal. Jeevika asks with whom you are talking to. Satvik says it is about heart, and tells that I want to tell you that…Someone throws water on Manas. Manas asks if you are gone bad, to think him as Bua’s garden. Satvik says the same. Jeevika goes upset.

Juhi comes to Rajnandini and warns her against Jeevika. She says Satvik is getting extra care, extra possessiveness and etc, as if she is his real wife. She says I just hope that it is not love. Jeevika is walking in the middle of the road. Satvik says he didn’t want to say that. Jeevika pretends to be angry with him, but smiles. Satvik asks her to walk on the side. Aadhya talks to Swara and tells about the goon. Satvik and Jeevika come home. Aadhya goes with Jeevika. Satvik takes the call. Swara tells him that Manas and Shlok were the mastermind, else she was always to his side. She says may be next time Tai might reveal her feelings to him.

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Rajnandini comes to Satvik to complain about Jeevika. Satvik tells her that yesterday when Jeevika and I were talking, I have realized that Jeevika was not aware of the marriage truth before the marriage. Rajnandini says if Jeevika told you exactly. Satvik says no, but there was something in her “No”. He says if she didn’t know about it, then it is wrong. Rajnandini says I told her bhabhi and she must have told her. Satvik says if she didn’t know then think how she got hurt after the marriage knowing the truth. Rajnandini says it seems you were with her from many births, and reminds that he married for Papa. Satvik says I am totally involved and can’t imagine my life without her. Rajnandini says don’t tell that you love her. Satvik says yes, I love her. He thanks her for bringing Jeevika in his life.

Juhi misbehaves with Lata and tells that she just pushed her and took her phone. Lata asks her to say sorry and leave. Juhi says my foot. Lata asks her to hold her feet and say sorry. Jeevika comes there and asks what happened? Lata tells that she pushed me. Jeevika asks Juhi why she pushed her. Juhi misbehaves further and pushes Lata. She tells that she will send her up next time. Jeevika gets angry and slaps her.

Precap: Jeevika vomits. Lata mausi says she is pregnant. She tells Rajnandini that Jeevika will rule in the house after her baby is born.