Agnisakshi 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh is kept captive by Rajnandini

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Agnisakshi 10th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Rajnandini, Shlok, Juhi and others return home. They ask why the house is messed up. Lata Mausi also comes there and asks the same. Satvik tells about the thieves. Jeevika says Police said that they will catch that madam ji whom goons were talking about. Shlok asks how did you come? Lata Mausi says she talked to Bhao ji and he said that he will not be in the house for few days, and that’s why she came. She tells that it is her sister’s house and she don’t need anyone’s permission. Satvik tells Manas and Shlok that Jeevika condition was bad, and scolds them. He tells that he don’t need their help to propose her and asks them to see. Lata makes Jeevika sweep the floor and clean up the mess. Jeevika finds the pen which Rao had given her and ties it in her pallu. She taunts Jeevika and asks if her parents didn’t teach her. Aadhya comes there and tells that she will clean. Lata Mausi stops Aadhya and says you are from a rich house, and will go to a rich house too. Aadhya says Bhabhi’s husband is rich and has servants at home. Lata asks Jeevika to clean properly. Juhi comes there. Lata tells that may be Jeevika is not cleaning as she feels that Rajnandini don’t do house work. Juhi says Badi bahu went to office and she don’t have to do this small work.

Lata says you both have thrown me out and got me insulted. Juhi says then also you came. Jeevika is cleaning and the glass vase is about to fall, but Satvik holds it. Lata says what would happen if he didn’t hold it. Satvik throws it and breaks. He calls Servants and asks them to clean. He takes Jeevika to room. Rajnandini scolds the goon, who tells that they didn’t take her name. Rajnandini says that’s why you are alive. The goon tells that the special guest medicines are over and that’s why he needs money. Rajnandini says she will give and says nothing shall happen to him. Satvik takes Jeevika to their room and asks if she remembers what she did yesterday. He says he wants to tell her something. Jeevika sees lizard and goes. Satvik talks to lizard and thinks he will say her I love you.

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Lata comes to Jeevika and asks if I can talk to you here or not. Jeevika tells her that Satvik didn’t mean to hurt her, and tells her that his childhood stories are incomplete without her reference. She holds her ears and says sorry. Lata forgives Satvik and tells Jeevika that Satvik’s smile had vanished when Savitri died due to doctor’s negligence and Bhao ji had filed the case against the doctor and got her licence cancelled. She tells that then Satvik lost Utkarsh and all his smile had vanished. She says don’t know if he is alive or not. She tells that he was missing for 2 years, then he returned with his newly wedded wife Rajnandini, then after 6 months he went, but didn’t return. She says don’t know if he is alive or not.

Utkarsh is shown alive and captive in the room, his legs are tied with a chain and he is in extremely bad state. He tries to get up, but falls again.

Precap: Jeevika gets vomiting sensation. Aadhya tells Lata that Jeevika is getting vomiting sensation since 2-3 days. Lata says Jeevika is pregnant. Sukanya gets worried and shares her worries with Pallavi.