Agar Tum Na Hote 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Niyati informs Karan about the entire incident that occurred in the market

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Abhimanyu advise Aanad to take Niyati nurse back home otherwise she will end his love story today, he tries to leave but Niyati holds his hand, he turning back asks if she also wants to have the Puchkas, he advises that she should stay at some distance because they want to spend some time alone, Niyati replies that neither of them are going since he must come back home with her, Abhimanyu replies that she is a perfect goon because of her attitude and if he doesnot come then what will she be able to do, Niyati explains she will make just a single phone call to Manaroma and just like his speech was barred then he would not even be allowed to come out, Abhimanyu walking away says she must not threaten him using the name of his mother, Niyati replies that she was just thinking he cares for his mother, Shugun also asks Abhimanyu to go as it is not right to keep the parents waiting, Abhimanyu agrees to leave so informs Niyati that he is not coming because of her but just that he cares for his mother, Niyati agrees, Abhimanyu assures to Shugun that they will meet once again and he will call her but Shugun explains that he doesnot have her contact so how will he able to call her, Abhimanyu mention that her contact is written on his heart.

The entire family is having the lunch when everyone exclaims that the food is really delicious, Kinkar exclaims that because of this he has had a lot to eat, they all are worried when Amma jee asks where is the one who prepared the food, she asks Kamna to go and call her brother and sister-in-law. Karan comes back to the table when Amma questions why did he leave in the middle of this lunch, Karan asks Kichu to have the meeting with the minister because now this time they should not hold a deal which is worth less then twenty five crores, Devi seeing the face of Mami think that her son (Samar) is enjoying while Karan is getting really close to Kichu, meanwhile Mami jee gives an awkward smile.

Niyati rushing to Shugun apologizes mentioning she doesnot know a lot about Abhimanyu, she felt like telling the truth, Shugun is tensed when Niyati explains that he is a really nice person but Abhimanyu is suffering from mental illness, Shugun explains that she is his nurse, Niyati is about to reveal her relation when Abhimanyu calls her so Niyati leaves saying she will not be able to reveal the truth.

In the house everyone is laughing when Kinkar asks Amma jee if she would like to have tea, Amma je agrees but then Kinkar asks Devi to prepare it, she says he himself said he has had a lot to eat so must not drink tea, Mami jee mentions that they will have it, Kamna comes running down calling Manaroma, Kichu questions what has happened, she informs that neither Abhimanyu nor Niyati is in the house, Devi exclaims if Abhimanyu might have done something wrong, Mami jee scolds her, Kichu asks Karan to call Dr Aanad and Manaroma decides to call Niyati while he himself starts dialling the number of Abhimanyu.

Niyati reaches the car when Aanad takes it out seeing the call of Manaroma, Aanad also receives the call from karan while even Abhimanyu is shocked to see his father calling, she smiles looking at Abhimanyu when he requests her to talk with his mother, Manaroma informs that Abhimanyu is not present in the house, Niyati replies that he is with them so there is nothing to be worried about.

Saira is running, she reaches the house of Ram and starts banging on the door, he is walking down the stairs and opens the gate only to find that it is empty, he calls out to Saira, but she is nowhere to be seen, he closes the door.

Then entire family is waiting when Abhimanyu enters the gate with Niyati and Dr Aanad, he greets Karan who exclaims that he is a person who always tends to run away, Amma jee questions where did he go, Abhimanyu starts to hold his hands asking Niyati to handle everything as she is a really generous person, he even kneels in front of her when Aanad exclaims he took Abhimanyu outside since he is an extrovert person so he thought it would be better for the health of Abhimanyu, he even goes to Manaroma exclaiming that she must not worry about him since he always had the doctor to take care of him while also the nurse who always has her eyes on him like an eagle, Abhimanyu mentions that his day went really well, Niyati recalls the incident that happened in the market but having tears in her eyes, she leaves. Karan notices that something wrong has happened, Abhimanyu goes to Aanad assuring that he is a really kind person and saved him so Aanad assures that this will be the secret between themselves.

Niyati is standing in the balcony crying, karan comes to her mentioning that he has met a lot of people in the business but has been living in this house since he was sixteen years old, he has not enough experience as mama jee but can understand the body language of the people, he has been able to judge that she is facing some sort of problem, he mentions that she is the wife of Abhimanyu and even if he has forgotten her then her relation doesnot change with him, he is her brother so she must tell the truth, Niyati informs Karan about the entire truth that was happening in the market, Karan explains that now the girl would not be seen in this city or at that market, Niyati however stops him saying that it is not the fault of Shugun, Karan explains they both will go to the market and talk with Shugun, he explains that while doing business they have made some connections, he blesses her mentioning he will never let any other girl come in the life of his brother.

Niyati sees that there are two missed calls, she dials on the number when the women exclaims that she has never called her, Niyati asks for the name of the girl but the women describe it, Niyati wonders why Saira would call her.

Sulochana enters the house exclaiming that there was a large crowd in the market, she questions why is Ram so worried he replies there is something wrong going on, Sulochana immediately thinks about Niyati when he explains that Saira called from an unknown number and she even seemed really worried but when he dialled it again then it is not reachable, Sulochana advises him to call Niyati as she will know the truth but he doesnot dial it, she questions what is the reason, he replies because Niyati refused to accept his order and left with Abhimanyu and even when he forgot her she still refused to come back with her so he will never call her.

Abhimanyu sitting in the room with the mobile thinks that S is for Shugun or sweet, Niyati coming tries to give him the medicine box but he calls her a headache, she however insists that he take the medicine.