Aditi Bhagat talks about her enriching experience shooting for ‘Udaariyaan’ in Chandigarh

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Aditi Bhagat talks about her enriching experience shooting for ‘Udaariyaan’ in Chandigarh

Aditi Bhagat, known for her role as Aasmaa in the popular series ‘Udaariyaan,’ recently shared her captivating experience of filming in Chandigarh for the first time. As the show continues to captivate audiences with its themes of love and ambition, Aditi’s perspective on Chandigarh offers a refreshing insight into her journey.

Hailing from Mumbai, Aditi Bhagat found Chandigarh’s allure equally enriching as her role on the show. In a recent interview, she pointed out the striking contrast between Mumbai’s bustling pace and Chandigarh’s serene atmosphere, highlighting the unique charm of each city.

Although Aditi may not have had the chance to explore every nook and cranny of Chandigarh, her time on the ‘Udaariyaan’ set with the locals was memorable. She relished the best of both worlds, admiring the modern architecture and savoring the flavorful Punjabi cuisine.

Reflecting on her shooting experience in Chandigarh, Aditi Bhagat expressed her excitement, stating, “I was absolutely thrilled about shooting for ‘Udaariyaan’ in Chandigarh. It was my first visit to the city, and I instantly fell in love with it. Shooting there immersed me in the show’s world. Having experienced the dynamic hustle of Mumbai, the tranquility and pace of Chandigarh were a novelty. Both cities offer a blend of motion and stillness that I cherish. What I adore most about Chandigarh is its people’s deep-rooted connection to their culture. The warmth of the locals and the delectable cuisine have been the highlights of my experience.”

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‘Udaariyaan,’ known for its dedicated fan base, recently underwent a generation leap, introducing new cast members. The show is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under their production banner, continuing to capture hearts with its compelling narrative.