Adil Khan Durrani clarifies stance on Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra’s friendship; “I Never Asked for Sherlyn’s support”


Adil Khan Durrani clarifies stance on Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra’s friendship; “I Never Asked for Sherlyn’s support”

The dramatic saga between Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra has left many questioning the authenticity of their feuds and reconciliations. Amidst the shifting alliances, Adil Khan Durrani, a central figure in this unfolding drama, opens up about the situation in a recent interview, emphasizing that he never sought Sherlyn’s support.

Adil asserts, “I have no comment on Sherlyn and Rakhi’s reconciliation. I never approached Sherlyn for her support. She is like a sister to me, and I will always stand by her side whenever she needs me. Regrettably, she doesn’t seem to value relationships. My ongoing dispute with Rakhi has always been a solitary battle, and I am prepared to face it alone.”

Addressing Rakhi’s claims regarding compromising videos, Adil clarifies, “I have consistently maintained that Rakhi possesses my nude videos, which she recorded during video calls between us. I do not possess any explicit videos of Rakhi. In fact, she showcased them on a talk show, shared them through a WhatsApp group using her mobile number, posted them on an alternate Instagram account of her creation, and even shared the Instagram link and video image on her official verified Instagram account.”

Recent developments reveal that Adil has filed a defamation case amounting to 200 crores against Rakhi Sawant. He explains, “Rakhi has made damaging allegations against my sister, claiming her involvement with her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh. She has filed a 100-crore defamation case against me, alleging misconduct on my part. She has wrongly associated our family’s name with impropriety, tarnishing the reputations of my parents, sister, and myself. Therefore, I have decided to pursue a 200-crore defamation case against Rakhi. She is already married to Ritesh Singh, and they deceived me while still in marriage. Even though I was misled, I ended up in jail. Hence, I am resorting to legal action. This is only one of potentially several cases to come. I am also pursuing a polygamy case against her to prevent her from entering into multiple marriages. This case will be filed in my hometown, Mysuru.”

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In a surprising revelation, Adil discloses that Rakhi has been attempting to communicate with him privately. He adds, “Almost every day, she sends me messages on Instagram with the intent of resolving our issues. She appears concerned because she knows I possess the evidence to expose her falsehoods.”

For those unaware, Adil Khan Durrani faced legal troubles when he was arrested by the Mumbai police in February following Rakhi Sawant’s complaints of cheating and fraud. Subsequently, he faced allegations of unnatural s*x and was later transferred to a Mysuru jail following a rape complaint by an Iranian national, purportedly his former girlfriend. Adil Khan Durrani was released on bail in July, but the tumultuous saga continues to unfold.