1st Epi – Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti taunts Shiv’s mother

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
The episode starts with Shakti and Shiv in the mandir. Shiv is in the river and prays there. Otherside Shakti is in the river too at some distance and praying too. Shiv comes out of the water and greets his Baggumaa. She blesses him for bringing her there everyday. Shiv thanks her and says I am your proxy. Baggumaa says you not just my grandson but my friend too. He says yes, I am your friend Dr. Shiv. Baggumaa gets emotional hearing that. She asks where is your locket? he says I might have lost it in the river, maybe God wanted that to be with someone that needs it more. They leave from there.

Shakti comes out of the river and her Chacha asks her how did she get a gold chain in her neck? Shakti is confused and says I think it fell on my neck when I went to the river. Her sister says wow.. her luck keeps working. Chacha says its about her character. She says I will go and return it to the owner. Chacha stops her and says God has blessed you with this so just take it. Its your fasting day and you got it today only. Her sister tries to take it but Shakti says no.. this is someone’s so I will keep it safe till I find the real owner. Chacha says maybe its your match. Shakti prays with Bholenath to make her meet the owner of this locket.

At the home, Shiv’s mother is praying for him but her husband comes there and stops her, he throws away jaal and says Bholenaath doesn’t accept prayers from sinners. Baggumaa comes there and asks what happened? He says Gayetri has already destroyed everything, she can never wash her sin, she destroyed her son’s life. Gayetri cries and says I was just thanking Bholenaath for Shiv. He shouts that only Mandira is his mother and only she is the daughter in law of this house, you are nothing. Mandira says Bhaisaab please calm down. Gayetri is Shiv’s mother. He says she brought destruction to him so she has to live in this house without any rights. She will not be a part of any rituals or pooja.. nor she would have a right to be called Shiv’s mother otherwise I will throw her out of the house. He leaves. Gayetri is heartbroken and leaves. Mandira smirks and says Bholenaath will accept my prayers and Shiv will be destroyed.

Scene 2
Gayetri cries in her room and says Bholenaath you are everywhere, please accept my prayers. She pours jaal on her thumb and prays for Shiv.

In the mandir, Shakti is preparing for pooja. Her sister is making videos there, Shakti says you should stop all this, please respect God’s privacy. Other people ask them to leave so they can do pooja.

Mandira arrives at the mandir with her guards. Her guards make way for her. Shakti and her sister come out of the mandir. They see people being angry with Mandira. Mandira is about to enter the mandir after crossing the line but Shakti stops her. She asks her to stand in the line. Mandira says do you know who I am? Shakti says I don’t know but you should stand in the line, you are no Amitabh Bachan, mandir doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, we are all equals. Mandira says I am a VIP here. Shakti says I don’t see any difference, everyone is here to pray with Bholenaath so there is no VIP, stand in the line. Mandira says I am the trustee of this mandir. Shakti says that’s great, I didn’t know. Mandira tries to go inside but Shakti stops her, she says you are a trustee so everyone should trust to take care of this mandir but how can you do this distrust? don’t break their trust. Mandira says I am not a caretaker of this mandir, I am a giver to this mandir. Chacha comes there too and looks on. Shakti says Bholenaat is giver to everyone, we are all beggars in front of him including you. Chacha tries to stop her and apologizes to Mandira, he says you don’t know who she it. All people take Shakti’s side and say she should stand in the line, we don’t care if she is a trustee, these rich people think they can buy mandirs too. Bhabhi says you don’t know who you are talking about, she is like a God herself. She tells Chacha pundit that his job is in danger now. Mandira glares at Shakti and throws away her jaal pot. She angrily leaves from there. Shakti’s sister tells her that she is papa’s boss, if she finds out that you are his niece then she won’t spare him. Shakti says she didn’t even care about pooja, I never want to stop anyone’s pooja but today I feel like I did the right thing by stopping her pooja.

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Bhabhi tells Mandira that she got insulted. Mandira asks her to find out who this girl is, she should know that I am like a God and she will have to face my wrath now.

Shakti tells her sister that I am worried about Chacha, what if the trustee finds out that I am Chacha’s niece and he is the priest here. Her sister says that other influencer K-Kul is taunting me on social media again. She shows her the reel in which the influencer says that these pious bebes think they can get rich husbands by fasting but they need to be beautiful for that which she is not. Shakti hears a woman crying. All rush around, she says my son can’t breathe. The mother tells Shakti that he ate a coin and can’t breathe, she is crying for help. Shakti rushes to the ganga river and takes water from it but Shiv emerges from the river in front of her. Shakti loses blanace but Shiv holds her hand. They both stare at each other.

The episode ends.