1st Epi – Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak meets Anirudh

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The Episode starts with Jhanak riding the boat. She asks the man to make the bouquet. He says you have to pay the money. She says I will give it in 2 days, promise. She thanks him and goes. At her home, Someone asks Urvashi where is Jhanak. Urvashi says she has gone to college. He asks what will she do after going to college, does her dad have any business which she has to handle. Urvashi says let her give exams. The lady says Shrishti is coming, you have to make sure that you take care of her. The other lady says Arshi and her fiancé Anirudh are also coming, take Arya’s old clothes for Jhanak. Arya comes and greets. The man asks Arya to have food, else she will get weak. Dadi says Shrishti and Urvashi got raised in one day, look where is she and where are you. She says your parents passed away, and I got you home, I have sent Shrishti and you to good school and college, she made her name and you blackened your face. They taunt Urvashi. The lady Kaushalya says Jhanak won’t go to college. Urvashi says I will handle everything, don’t punish her. Dadi says your daughter has to bear the burden of your deeds. Urvashi cries, Jhanak sees a couple in other boat and asks is your pre wedding shoot going on. She asks him to buy the pink roses bouquet. He says fine, give it. She asks for 100rs. Jhanak says I do this work to pay college fees and support my mum, I m in BA final year. The man says fine, complete your studies, give me two bouquets. Jhanak thanks them and gives a rose. She asks from where are you. The girl says Kolkata. Shrishti and Vinayak are on the way. She asks Arshi to call Anirudh. Arshi says don’t worry, they will come on time. At Anirudh’s home, everyone talks about Arya’s marriage. Baba asks Bablu to get sweets box for him. Appu comes and says I also want to go to Kashmir. Maa asks her to stay with them. Appu cries. Anirudh’s parents argue and ask Bhabhi to keep Appu away. Appu cries aloud. Anirudh comes and sees Appu crying. He consoles Appu and hugs. He says I planned a special surprise, I will get a gift for you from Kashmir, it’s a secret, trust me, its very beautiful. Jhanak gets Urvashi’s reminder call. She sits to have food. Radha sympathizes with Urvashi. She says you make various food dishes for everyone and eat this dry roti and curry. Urvashi says I will tolerate anything for Jhanak. A man gets some food for Jhanak and says Tejas has sent this, have this silently. The man says she has taken the food. Tejas sees her on video call. She keeps the food for the dog. Tejas gets angry.

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Anirudh’s family does the puja. They welcome Arshi and her parents. They have a talk. Shrishti says no need of tika, any pic goes on media and I have to answer them. She refuses to have prasad. She says we should leave now. Dadi says we have to leave for ghat now. Appu calls out Anirudh. She says you have to get a gift for me. Anirudh says I will get it, its our secret. He hugs her. Jhanak gets late for her class. Her friend waits for her. Jhanak reaches the college and runs to her class. Jhanak’s friend says she is on the way, she will just come, the class is imp for her. Jhanak comes and says present Mam, sorry. Teacher asks what excuse did you get today. She scolds Jhanak and says you can’t sit in exams. Her friend Rahul says she goes to sell flowers in the morning. Teacher says I feel you are interested in law, so you are defending her. Jhanak thanks teacher. Teacher says it’s the last time, you will get attendance when you come on time, now go. Anirudh, Arshi, her parents and his siblings reach Kashmir. He clicks pics with her. Shrishti asks how is Urvashi. The man says she is handling the house, Jhanak is trying to complete BA final year. She says she will fail in BA exams. Vinayak asks doesn’t she have a right to study well. Shrishti says she is already working as our maid. The man says Urvashi said she has imp classes. Vinayak says its good she is studying. Shrishti says she is following her mum’s footsteps, she will go much ahead of her mum one day. Teacher says it’s a good news, Kashmir festival will start tomorrow, the kids who want to participate can give their names, I don’t want a compromise in studies.

The man says Kashmir festivals have started. Shrishti says I have no time to attend it. Vinayak says they will be glad if you go. The man says you will go there as chief guest. She says lets see. Rahul says we will go, it will be fun, I will convince aunty, come. They all leave on their cycles. Nazre Milana….plays… Jhanak dances with her friends. Anirudh sings for Arshi and dances with her. The car hits Jhanak. Se falls down. Anirudh asks Arshi are you okay. She says yes. He goes and scolds Jhanak. She argues with him. Arshi says its okay, I m fine. He asks Jhanak to apologize to his would be wife. She refuses.

Shrishti taunts Urvashi. She slaps Jhanak. Urvashi scolds Jhanak and beats her. Anirudh stops Urvashi.