1st Epi – Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajwinder conspires to take Here’s land

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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene is set at Punjab’s Golden Temple, and the Kartar Nagar Badminton Tournament is underway. Heer jumps and scores the winning point, securing the trophy and a voucher for a dhaba for herself and her father. She playfully complains about her father not letting her drive the scooty fast. They decide to celebrate with radish parathas and head to the market to buy the ingredients. When they reach home, Heer’s sister-in-law questions her for being late, considering she has an exam.

Heer proudly shows the badminton trophy, suggesting they make radish parathas to celebrate. She prays to God for success in her law exam, maintaining her good academic record. There’s some banter about getting a dhaba voucher instead of a washing machine. Heer’s sister-in-law brings the parathas, and Heer catches a falling plate skillfully. She checks her father’s blood pressure and sugar levels before letting him eat.

Heer’s father expresses disappointment in his elder son, Gurmeet, who wants to go to Canada and claims he’ll make his own arrangements. Gurmeet talks rudely, mentioning he has ruined his life. Heer asks him to apologize, but Gurmeet leaves. Heer consoles her father, suggesting they allow Gurmeet to go to Canada and try his luck.

Heer heads off to take her exam, receiving a call from Jeet. They discuss a law topic, and he wishes her good luck for the exam. Meanwhile, there are discussions among others about a case and suggestions to get Heer married to a good family. After her exam, Jeet and Heer talk again, and she mentions another exam pending.

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Heer visits her land and discovers a board there. She wonders why Jeet placed it and if someone has their eyes on the land. Rajwinder offers a considerable amount for the land, but Heer rejects the offer. Heer is puzzled by the conflicts over land. Rajwinder threatens those who don’t comply with her, and Heer witnesses a group causing trouble. Jeet intervenes and protects Heer. She tries to learn about the land issue from Jeet, who assures her that as long as he is there, no one can harm their land.

Precap: None