1st Epi – Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajpari Devlika kills Rakshas Pratham

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The Episode starts with few people coming to a village. An old man warns them about the monster. The people joke and go ahead. The man says don’t go ahead, you won’t return alive. The couples dance on a song Laila main laila. A girl sees a handsome guy/monster playing guitar. She goes to him and sits there. The guy asks what are you doing with my GF. The mysterious guy/monster attacks them and soon turns into a monster. The couples get shocked. They run. The monster attacks them and kills both the guys. The girls run and fall down the cliff. The monster screams. Its morning, police comes to the spot. A young guy says a tiger has killed them. The old man/Kaka says it’s a monster, you have heard about Raavan, we have to know about the seven Lok first. He takes the guy to his house and shows the seven loks. He explains about the heaven, where good souls stay. He says angels and fairies stay in Parilok, Gods live in Devlok, Prithvilok is in the middle, one who does good deeds gets the heaven and one who does bad deeds gets into the hell, the Narklok has the evil spirits, the snakes live in Naaglok, and this is the hell, that’s the worst, they stay there, they look beautiful and attract anyone, they are powerful and can change the time, they are monsters/Rakshas, they are cursed by Devtas, some monsters are between us, not all of them are bad, one Rakshas knew the difference between good and bad, he was Balka, he was doing Shiv’s tapp in the jungle, Shiv believes in the devotion of his devotees, Balka wanted an Astra from Shiv, he would have become the most powerful in all the seven loks. The guy asks why did Balka want the Astra. Kaka says Rakshas would have got freed from the hell and they would have entered any lok by their wish, every Rakshas didn’t want this, they were happy with their bad powers.

The monster is seen catching a girl and going to bite a girl. Another monster meets her on the way and helps her escape. Kaka says they both were Balka’s sons, one wanted to be evil and other wanted to be like his dad. The girl runs away. Both the monster brothers get into a fight. The girl runs to someone and asks him to help. She asks him to help her. Kaka says Balka had a third son, and he was just like Balka. The third monster goes and stops his brothers from fighting. He beats his brothers and says our dad has four children, three sons and one daughter. He warns the evil brother and beats him. They argue. The evil one says you really think the Devtas will give us our right, never. He goes. The goons one hug and bond.

Kaka says Balka’s good deeds were in his son Pratham. Pratham says I won’t let anyone come between dad’s good intentions. Their sister watches them and says we can’t eat the people if dad gets the Astra, I m their stepsister, they will not leave me if I try to eat people, dad wants to get Astra and get the Rakshas on the earth, he wants them to live as good people, but we will lose our powers. The guy asks did Balka get the Astra. Kaka says everyone was scared of this, they feared for Parilok people, fairies were blessed by the Devtas, Rakshas were big enemies of the fairies. The Parilok is seen. The fairies Menka and Rambha dance on Dola re dola song. Parimaa says give my greetings to Indradev, I m glad watching their dance performance. Indradoot says he has sent his wishes for his daughter’s marriage. The fairy gets a message and says Balka’s Tapasya is going to complete and he is going to get Astra, Rakshas can win on any lok, you know what they will do, they will rule on everyone, we will go and break his Tapasya. Parimaa says no, you both won’t go, she will go, she is my Dharohar, our pride. A fairy is seen bathing in a pool. She comes out. Parimaa praises the fairy’s beauty. She says my daughter Rajpari Devlika. The girl says Devlika is going to marry an angel, don’t send her, send one of us, she is the would be queen of Parilok. Parimaa says Devlika has the most light that can end the darkness. Devlika is seen. She comes and says you called me Maa. Parimaa says you will become the queen soon, do your duty, its tough, go on earth Devlika and do your duty. Kaka says Devlika was sent on earth, the brothers who loved each other, their fate changed. Devlika comes on the earth. Pratham and his siblings come to the fair. Pratham says we have to keep the tradition our dad started. Devlika comes to the fair. Pratham and his brother see her. They fall for her beauty. She slips while getting down the bus. Pratham’s brother Ashwat catches her in arms. His sister says he fell in love, when any Rakshas falls in true love, fire gets lit. The fire lights up there. Chand chupa badal mein…plays…

Ashwat follows Devlika. She gives his bracelet and says it got stuck in my dupatta. Devlika knew she can attract anyone. She goes to Pratham. She gets attracted towards Pratham. They see each other. Bekaboo…plays… Ashwat comes there. Pratham cuts the wood. Ashwat and Devlika’s romance is seen. Ashwat says I love that girl. Pratham says I m tired hearing your love story. Their sister hears them talking and smiles. Kaka says the time came when Ashwat told Devlika his feelings. Ashwat says I love you, what happened. Devlika says I m doing wrong. He asks what happened. She says nothing. The man says that girl is a fairy, she is Rajpari Devlika. Pratham’s sister is shocked. She says she is the only heir of Parilok. Pratham and Ashwat play the dhol at the temple. Devlika smiles seeing Pratham and Ashwat. She says maybe Pratham wins. Everyone claps for them. Their sister thinks now I know what to do. She goes to Pratham and says Ashwat loves that girl, but she is a fairy. She goes to Ashwat and says Pratham fell in love with your love, he is going to confess it. Ashwat says this can’t happen. She asks him to go and see. Devlika thinks what am I feeling about Pratham, no, I can’t love a Rakshas. Pratham comes and says you are right, love is beautiful but dangerous, don’t know why people fall in love. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He holds her hand and scolds her. He says you know who I m and who is Ashwat. She says leave me, I m scared. He says its imp to get scared, Rajpari, beware. She asks him to leave her. He says you have seen our love, and today you will see anger, when we love someone, we lose control and when someone breaks heart, we get uncontrollable, its Poonam Masi tonight, fairies’ reflection isn’t seen, I can’t see your reflection in water, you are a fairy, right, a fairy can never love a Rakshas, we hate each other, what are you doing in my brother’s life, what’s your motive, I will not leave you. She asks him to leave her. She runs. He comes in front and catches her. Ashwat comes there. He gets angry. He asks what happened, I can’t believe that my brother is misbehaving with you. She recalls Parimaa’s words, Balka’s sons are his weakness, do anything, cross your limits if needed, you have to save Parilok and this world, kill anyone if needed, die if needed, if you have to trap a Rakshas in your love, then do it, remember one thing, if they get the Astra, then the seven loks will get ruined. FB ends.

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Devlika says your brother tried to molest me. Pratham says she is lying, she is a fairy, not a girl. Ashwat says you misbehaved with her, knowing I love her. Pratham says she is a fairy, you aren’t believing me. They fight. Balka is seen doing this Tapasya. The fight goes on. Balka opens his eyes and shouts stop. He gets up from his Tapasya. He says your fight has broken my Tapp. Devlika comes in her fairy avatar and disappears. Ashwat is shocked seeing her. Balka scolds them. He says a fairy has broken your faith and love, my sons were my strength and today you have become my weakness, Pratham I didn’t expect this from you. Their sister looks on and gets happy. She says dad’s Tapp broke, he didn’t get the Tapp, we will be Rakshas always and eat people. Pratham thinks a fairy made us fight and dad’s Tapasya broke, I will take revenge on her.

Devlika gets married to an angel. She sees Pratham in her groom. She gets tensed. At night, her groom comes to her. She says I have to tell you something, I m ashamed, I went on earth to break Balka’s tap, but I did a sin, I made two brothers’ fight, I fell in love. Her husband holds her hand and says you went on earth to do your duty and save Parilok, you are my wife now, you are dutiful towards me, keep the duty, this night will never come back and I may never love you so much again. She sees Pratham in him. They get close.

Its morning, Devlika wakes up and sees Pratham. He says you thought you are dreaming, no, it’s the truth, I m Pratham, I took a disguise and married you, and then had a Suhaagraat, I got shagun also. He laughs. Devlika gets off the bed and cries. He says your eyes are very beautiful, that night was much beautiful. Parimaa sees the angel/groom tied up. She says who is with Devlika if you are here. Devlika says I hate you. Pratham says I have broken your heart. She says you Rakshas deserve to get burnt in hell. Pratham says I feel your tears will rain as pearls on the earth today. He scolds her for cheating his brother and breaking his dad’s Tapp. He says I can’t forgive, I can love extreme and also take such revenge, dad was doing Tapp for our betterment, you fairies can’t see it. She says I did my duty, you got me by cheat, I m a Pari, you feel you won, you call yourself powerful, you should be ashamed, I curse you that you will die by my hands, you have snatched my self esteem, I will not spare you now. She gets a knife in her hand and stabs him. She says this is for touching me. She stabs him again and says this is for killing my self esteem. She says I know you won’t die, I will bury you under the earth, its my curse, wherever your blood falls on the earth, you will get buried there, your soul will wander there until you get a body to get free, this time you will fall on the earth. She pushes him from Parilok. Parimaa and everyone look on. Kaka says Rakshas and Pari’s love was cursed, just love could have united them, but it changed into hatred. Pratham falls in some jungle and gets buried.

New Pari and Rakshas are shown.